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Published 3:02 pm Thursday, June 20, 2024

By Staff Reports

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North Stanly’s graduation was May 24. The following speech was presented that day.

Jayna Thompson

Welcome class of 2024, parents, staff and administration. My name is Jayna Tompson. It has taken us 13 long, stressful, but rewarding years to get to this point today.
As we walk the stage in a few moments, let’s focus on the time we have had together these last four years. We all came into freshman year excited about the high school experience we’ve always heard about, but unfortunately, it was cut short.
What a great start to high school?
But like the class of 2024, we made the best of it and were ready for sophom*ore year. Finally, we could participate fully in sports and see friends and staff on a day-to-day basis, and we were able to learn without muting and unmuting ourselves over and over.
Junior year came along and we were able to venture into college courses, higher academic CTE classes and internships, which prepared many of us for the next step in our academic lives. This allowed us to find topics of interest which many of us will pursue.
Lastly, we sit here today at the end of our senior year with our families behind us watching as we walk into our futures. Although this is the end of a journey, it is the start to our future.
We all knew this day would come when we had to decide for ourselves what we were going to do after high school. Whether you plan to go to college, play a sport at the collegiate level, join the military or join the workforce straight away; know that it does not have to be permanent, and it is okay to change your mind.
The one thing many of us can agree upon while in high school is that you can find your true self and your true support system. My hope for all of you is that you don’t ever lose that true identity you have made for yourself these last four years. Hold onto the ones who have been there for you at your lowest and highest moments.
Today is not a goodbye but rather a “see you later.”
Cherish the support system around you and the ones you call a best friend, soulmate, teammates, siblings and parents, and dwell in the memories you have made with them.
Finally, all of your futures are bright, and take any opportunity you are given because you never know where it can lead you. Futures can never be planned for certain, but it is the decisions you make along the way that help determine them.
I wish nothing but a successful future for you all sitting here today. North Stanly High School has given us the tools to succeed and for that, thank you to all the staff and administration.
Wherever your journey takes you, know it’s okay to be nervous or excited about what lies ahead.
Trust in yourself and the decisions you make that will lead you to wherever that end goal is.
Take that extra class, apply for that job, push yourself to make that dream team you have always wanted to be on. Remember that saying “The worst thing that could happen is being told no?” All that simply means is you need to try again because you never fail by receiving a “no,” you fail once you give up.
Your hard work, determination, and perseverance will show — just allow time for it to happen.
To the class of 2024, I hope you know that every one of you deserves to walk across this stage and I thank you for allowing me to speak to you today.
I hope you leave here knowing you have made a mark on someone in this class and in this school these last four years even if you don’t know it. You are loved, you are special, and you are the Class of 2024.
Thank you!

North Stanly graduates:

Muhammad Alami
Elizabeth Allen
Benjamin Armstrong
Logan Bambarger
Kaylee Barbee
Millie Barfield
William Barfield
Austin Barringer
Grayson Blair
Chance Blake
Isaiah Blaylock
Kayleigh Bounds
Jacob Bradley
Caden Brafford
Madison Brumley
Ashlynn Burgin
Riley Burleson
Anthony Caballero
Hannah Carpenter
Madison Carrick
Chloe Castillo
Kendall Chandler
Dallas Chermak
Richard Clark
Gavin Clark
Brandon Cole
Ella Combs
Ella Compton
Tania Cosgrove
Mary Cranford
Juan Cruz-Aguirre
Lela Culp
Casey Cummings
Cole Curlee
Janiah Darby
Hayden Dege
Ryan Dejak
Michael Denning
Branndon Dominguez Carbajal
Drake Dry
Giavonna Dunlap
John Ennis
Brenda Esparza
Nick Espinoza
Toby Etheridge
Anna Eudy
Waylon Eudy
Garrison Fraley
Jeffrey Gardiner
Kyler Gibson
Natalee Gilbert
Andrew Goodwin
Draken Hagler
Nevaeh Harris
Quinton Harris
Kadie Hash
Hunter Hathco*ck
Savanah Hatley
Kevin Helms
Raelyn Helms
Andrew Hernandez
Kaden Hines
Dillon House
Kloe Hudson
John Hudson
Azaria Hunter
Mollie Icenhour
Lexus Ingold
Damarion Jackson
Micheal Jeffery
Devon Johnson
Tad Johnson
Satia Johnson
Reyanna Krenzer
Angie Lee
Caleb Lemons
Mariyah Lilly
Ila Loflin
Emma Lowder
Taylor Lowder
Conner Lupole
Joseph Martin
Caroline Mauldin
Autumn McPherson
Summer McPherson
Levi Miller
James Mitchell
Freddie Morgan
Jackson Myers
Colsen Palmer
Sawyer Parker
Makayla Parnell
Mia Phillips
Brantley Pinkston
Kinsley Pittman
Karah Plowman
James Poole
Tyler Poplin
Dylan Poplin
Leslie Pucha Muentes
Hanna Ritzheimer
Reid Rutzler
Ayden Scercy
Jace Schmitt
Floyd Scott
Victor Sedano Castrejon
Kaylee Sells
Jacob Smith
Jadyn Smith
Jonathan Smith
Madison Smith
Zara Smith
Levi Snow
Samuel Stallings
Karlye Stamper
Tsion Steele
Jordan Stewart
Mattie Story
Timmy Sumblin
Aniston Talbert
Destiny Teal
Ashlea Thomas
Jayna Thompson
Jesse Thompson
Espin Tome
Ryker Tucker
Kaden Tucker-Almond
Maci Turner
Gabriel Tyree
Kalani Tyson
Phillip West
Kandice Whitmire
Mallori Wittman
Jathan Wittman
Cassidy Xiong
Shinni Yang
Kaden Young

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