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If you're obsessed with your hair, then Great Clips in Salt Lake City is the place for you. The talented team of stylists and colorists at Great Clips are true hair devotees who live and breathe hair care. Whether you need a trim, a new style, or a change in color, the skilled professionals at Great Clips can help you transform your look.

With years of experience in the hair care industry and a long-standing presence in the local community, Great Clips has a strong track record of helping their clients look their best. The salon is known for its excellent customer service and commitment to innovation, which is why it has earned a reputation as one of the top-rated salons in the area.

In addition to their dedication to providing high-quality services, Great Clips is also committed to customer satisfaction. The staff go out of their way to make every client feel welcome and comfortable, and are always happy to answer questions and offer advice on how to best care for your hair.

Great Clips takes strict hygiene measures to ensure the safety of both its clients and team, including thorough sanitization of tools and equipment between use and adherence to all local COVID-19 guidelines. Additional safety measures, such as providing hand sanitizer for use upon arrival, have also been implemented.

To see a full list of services offered by Great Clips, including haircuts, coloring, and conditioning treatments, visit Appointments can be made by calling the salon directly or booking online through the website. The salon's friendly and helpful staff are happy to assist with scheduling and can help you choose the best services for your needs. They offer flexible scheduling to accommodate busy clients and accept a variety of payment methods for your convenience.

If you have any queries, remarks or feedbacks, feel free to contact the salon directly by giving them a call at (801) 575-8580.

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Hair Salon FAQs

  • What types of hair services and treatments does Great Clips in Salt Lake City offer?

    Great Clips offers a wide range of hair services including haircuts, styling, coloring, highlights, and various hair treatments to suit all hair types and preferences.

  • How can a deep conditioning treatment benefit my hair?

    A deep conditioning treatment can help to restore moisture, enhance shine, and improve the overall health and appearance of your hair.

  • Can I book multiple hair services for one visit at Great Clips in Salt Lake City?

    Yes, clients can book multiple services for a single visit, depending on the availability of the salon’s stylists and resources.

  • What is the cancellation policy at Great Clips in Salt Lake City?

    Great Clips has a cancellation policy in place, and clients are encouraged to contact the salon directly for specific details and to cancel or reschedule appointments as needed.

  • How far in advance should I book my appointment at Great Clips?

    It is recommended to book your appointment at Great Clips as far in advance as possible, especially during peak times, to ensure availability.

  • How do I book an appointment for Great Clips?

    You can call Great Clips directly, or visit their website for more info on booking appointments.


Great Clips | Hair salon in Salt Lake City, UT (1)

Jane M.


Carrie at the Roy, UT Great Clips did an amazing job on my husband's hair. It looks so good and she is always professional but personable. We like her so well that we trav from Star Valley Wyoming to Utah for haircuts

Great Clips | Hair salon in Salt Lake City, UT (2)

Michael U.


Excellent customer service and fantastic haircuts. 10/10 would recommend for your next cut.

Great Clips | Hair salon in Salt Lake City, UT (3)

Wyatt J.


Mellissa cut my hair way shorter than asked as well as very unevenly i'm never coming back.

Great Clips | Hair salon in Salt Lake City, UT (4)

Kitty C.


mostly I have loved Great Clips, this was at trolley square, butchered my hair, she lied to me about showing me the back of my hair with a mirror

Great Clips | Hair salon in Salt Lake City, UT (5)

Sierra B.


The woman who cut my hair yesterday didn't even say hello or ask me how I was doing. She then proceeded to yank my hair with a thin-toothed comb and didn't stop when I explained to her that she was hurting me. I don't have a sensitive scalp and I'm glad I don't because MAN OH MAN that hurt. The whole cut was in silence and when I left after the 10 mins, I noticed it was uneven and choppy. Avoid this place at all costs.

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