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The Patriots didn’t make any trades in the first round, staying firm with picks No. 3 and 34 as night one came to a close.

The first round of the 2024 NFL Draft is in the books, and there were plenty of fireworks on Thursday night.

None of the chaos came out of Foxborough, though. The Patriots didn’t trade out of the top three, and they also didn’t trade back into the first round. Instead, they sat exactly where they were and drafted Drake Maye out of UNC.

New England’s major positions of need heading into the night were quarterback, wide receiver, and offensive tackle. As it happens, the first round was huge for all three positions. Six QBs, WRs and eight OTs all went off the board within the first 32 picks, part of a record 23 offensive players taken in the first round.

With the dust settled on night one, New England looks ahead to Round 2, where it picks 34th overall. You can track all of the Patriots’ selections here. A list of every player taken in the first round is available here.

Here’s what happened in Round 1 on Thursday:

11:46 p.m.: 49ers draft WR, fueling Brandon Aiyuk trade rumors

At pick No. 31, the San Fransisco 49ers addressed a position that’s not yet a need, but may soon become one.

Amid rumors of trade talks involving WR Brandon Aiyuk, the 49ers used their pick on wideout Ricky Pearsall. The Patriots have reportedly shown interest in trading for Aiyuk.

11:28 p.m.: A record 20th offensive player comes off the board

Following a trade with the Buffalo Bills, the Kansas City Chiefs nabbed the 28th overall pick in the NFL draft. Their selection? Speedy wideout Xavier Worthy.

That pick officially breaks the record for most offensive players selected in the first round of the draft. And there are still four picks to go.

Watch: Bill Belichick fights with ‘Mad Mel Kiper’ about edge rushers

Apparently, the term “edge rusher” isn’t one Bill Belichick is too fond of. Especially if he doesn’t view the particular player with that tag as an edge player.

During Pat McAfee’s 5th annual draft spectacular, Belichick fought with Ty Schmidt, under his alias of ‘Mad Mel Kiper’, an impression of ESPN’s draft insider Mel Kiper.

10:06 p.m.: Another draft trade involving the Vikings

The Vikings are being very active in the draft, completing their second trade of the night for pick No. 17. They have the only two trades through 17 picks. Minnesota used that pick on pass rusher Dallas Turner.

9:53 p.m.: Colts take first defensive player at No. 15

After 14 consecutive offensive picks, the Indianapolis Colts finally nabbed a defensive player, picking UCLA pass rusher Laiatu Latu at No. 15 overall.

9:33 p.m.: 6 QBs taken in first 12 picks

The 2024 NFL draft is looking like one for the history books. Six quarterbacks were taken in the first 12 picks. Only one other time have six signal-callers been taken in the first round.

On top of that, the first 12 picks were all offensive players. The record for most offensive picks in the first round is 19, and that record seems destined to be broken by the end of Thursday night.

First draft night trade: New York Jets send No. 10 pick to Vikings; Minnesota selects J.J. McCarthy

Rumors surrounding the Vikings’ desire to trade up and draft J.J. McCarthy swirled for weeks. Ultimately, they only needed to move up one spot to get the Michigan signal-caller.

Pick No. 9: Bears draft Rome Odunze

Chicago gives new QB Caleb Williams another weapon in WR Rome Odunze.

Pick No. 8: Atlanta Falcons select Michael Penix Jr.

A major stunner: After inking Kirk Cousins to a contract just a short time ago, Atlanta seemingly takes his successor No. 8 overall. Despite J.J. McCarthy being viewed as the near-unanimous QB4 in the draft, its Michael Penix Jr. instead.

Cousins was reportedly “stunned” at that decision, according to The Athletic’s Dianna Russini.

Pick No. 7: Tennessee Titans select OT JC Latham

The Titans needed a tackle and they nab the second one off the board in JC Latham out of Alabama.

Pick No. 6: New York Giants draft WR Malik Nabers

The Giants could have taken a top QB if they wanted to at No. 6. However, they opted for a potential difference maker at WR instead.

Pick No. 5: Chargers stay, select OT Joe Alt

And now the top-rated tackle comes off the board. The Chargers were viewed as a prime trade candidate for QB needy teams, but instead get a major line piece at their original spot.

Pick No. 4: Cardinals take Marvin Harrison Jr.

Still no trades in the top five. Instead, the Arizona Cardinals take the top WR on the board, Marvin Harrison Jr.

8:32 p.m.: Patriots take QB Drake Maye No. 3 overall, and reactions from fans

The Patriots officially have their QB of the future in Drake Maye, much to the delight of the fans in Foxborough.

8:28 p.m.: Commanders select QB Jayden Daniels

No surprises so far: Washington takes Daniels off the board at No. 2, and the Patriots are on the clock.

8:15 p.m.: Draft is officially open, Bears select Caleb Williams No. 1 overall.

It’s long been a formality, but now it’s official: The Chicago Bears have selected Caleb Williams with the first overall pick in the 2024 draft.

7:14 p.m.: Jerod Mayo teases Patriots’ potential plans at draft party.

Jerod Mayo gave fans in Foxborough for the Patriots’ draft party a little tease about his team’s draft plans. The new head coach told the crowd, “we’re going to get a great player at three,” according to ESPN’s Mike Reiss.

Not only did Mayo’s comments further solidify the expectation that New England won’t trade out of three, he also suggested quite the opposite. Mayo said the Patriots could “always sneak back into the first round.” There may be more in store on Thursday night outside of the quarterback position.

6:10 p.m.: The latest on the Patriots’ draft plans.

Multiple reports emerged earlier Thursday that the likely scenario for the Patriots would be to stay at No. 3 and select Drake Maye. However, the Patriots could still trade the selection if they receive an offer they “can’t refuse,” NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran reported. The Giants, who hold the No. 6 pick, and the Vikings, who have the No. 11 pick, have been widely reported as possible trade candidates for the No. 3 pick.

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Here's everything that happened in Round 1 - Patabook News (2024)
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