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Who Buys the Corsage and Boutonniere for Prom?

Prom is often thought of as one of the most special moments in one’s high school career. It signifies the end of senior year, the preparation of going to college, and the celebration of getting through 13 years of schooling. It is one of the last events where you will be celebrating together with all of your childhood friends, and a night for the girls to feel like princesses and the guys to feel like princes. If you’re looking to make the most out of your big night, then you’ll want to check out these top ten items to make prom great.

Whether your date is simply a friend or a girl/boyfriend, one of the customary traditions is to buy them either a corsage or boutonniere (depending on the gender). A corsage is a small floral arrangement attached to a band or bracelet and worn on the girl’s wrist. The boutonniere is similar to the corsage, except that the arrangement is attached to the tuxedo jacket instead of a band.Usually this floral arrangement matches the colors of the prom dress and/or the tuxedo’sbow tie and vest.You can purchase affordable corsage and boutonniere sets from Amazon for under $20. But who buys the corsage and boutonniere for prom?

Boutonniere & Corsage Traditions

For the girl, it is tradition to buy the boutonniere for the guy, and to attach it to the left lapel of his jacket for him, with the stem facing down. Get boutonnieres from Amazon for as low as $4.99. Similarly, it is tradition for the guy to buy the corsage for the girl, and to slide it onto her wrist at the same time the boutonniere is provided. Get corsages from Amazon for under $20.00. Traditionally, the corsage is placed on the girl’s right wrist so that both the corsage and boutonniere can be seen in pictures when the couple poses to face one another. The boutonniere and corsage exchange is one of the highlights of the night; one that brings on many camera flashes as parents and friends take pictures in the attempt of capturing this heartfelt and romantic memory for years to come.

Who Buys What for Prom?

Now you know who buys the corsage and who buys the boutonniere, but what about everything else? There are pre-prom pictures, after party expenses, limos, and other necessities. Who’s going to pay for all of that?

Girl GuyCost
After Partyxxvaries
Boutonniere x$20
Goodie Bagx$10
Limo² x$130
Promposal³ xvaries

¹ The cost for the dinner depends on occassion. If the couple goes to a restaurant for dinner, then traditionally the guy pays. However, if dinner is a catered event, either by family or friends, the couple should expect to go Dutch.

² Although a guy traditionally pays for the limo, the couple can go Dutch, especially if they are sharing the limo with friends.

³ Guys traditionally ask girls to prom; therefore, they usually pay for promposals. However, in the case of a girl asking a guy to the prom or a same gender couple, the burden of a promposal falls on whoever invites someone to prom.

Additional Help

There are so many details that go into preparing for your prom. Check out these top 10 items that can help make a good night great.Still need to book transportation to dinner and the dance? Try using TalkLocal to find a limousine company. TalkLocal is a FREE service that will connect you with top-quality, reliable limo companies in your neighborhood, within minutes. All you need to do is enter in your specific needs, location and availability, and TalkLocal will contact multiple companies, who will then call YOU directly, ready to help. Save time and stress by letting TalkLocal search for the perfect, most affordable limousine for your prom night!

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Who Buys the Corsage and Boutonniere for Prom? - Limo Rental (2)

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Who Buys the Corsage and Boutonniere for Prom? - Limo Rental (2024)
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